Monday, 31 March 2014

Sons of Sek; Sentinels

Finished these guys over the weekend and am chuffed with how they've come out for the short amount of time that I gave them.

Given that the Stalk talks are very much the Blood Pacts forte, I figured these would fill a niche nicely. For these I magnetised 3 autocannons, 2 lascannons, 3 hunter killer missiles, 2 multimeltas and a heavy flamer for weapon options, as these look close enough to use as drop Sentinels when I want a little difference.

Fun tactic that I found handy when spraying these is a paint stick;
  Blue-tac and a can of spraypaint to speed through all those weapon options.

Then onto the painting;
Then some weathering and snow, snow 
 Also tried out some camouflage netting, with mixed success or real practical use.

The main thing I like about these guys is that they look low and mean, like a mini-warhound stalking away.

This is always the problem with effort vs reward and 40k. If you have time, making something look fantastic at every level is entirely worthwhile, and as they are often more picked up by those around you, Characters should always have more focus. 

For vehicles, less importance is given to the fine detail for the overall feel of the beast and even less time should be given over to recovered miniatures as they are likely to have much poorer surface quality. Hence these guys getting around 5 hours painting time total. 

After these, I should start on the Stormtroopers and maybe try to think what I can be doing with this, as I think I need at least six of them!

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