Monday, 27 April 2015

Sons of Sek; Platoon 2

The shove that I needed to get cracking and paint these guys was a Facebook challenge with some gamers I know. These games have 10 man Marine Squads, I had 25 shiny converted guys that all needed a long process of painting. 21 steps, yay me.

So with the only time available to paint being between 10-12 when the family is asleep, this was a lot of late nights and an entire series of Better Call Saul, a few TED talks, some QI and a failed attempt at Community (nope, not for me).

Command Squad
 Second Infantry Squad
Steps I followed to get these guys painted were as below

  • Basecoat with Chaos Black spray.
  • Pick out all the inner flesh detail in dark flesh tone (Bestial brown + Cadian flesh + Mephiston Red)
  • Paint metal Irongut Silver
  • Paint boots, wood, and bronze bits with Bestial Brown
  • Paint clothing yellow X2 light coats Averland Sunset.
  • Pick out skin with Cadian Flesh
  • Wash clothing, boots, flesh with Agrax Earthshade
  • Wash metals + dark with Nuln Oil.
  • Touch up any over-washed areas of clothing to pick out the yellow again.

Interlude for picture

  • Paint first coat of paint over the detail, the different colours of the pouches, cloaks, rags
  • Pick out highlights on the yellow clothing in 2 successively lighter blends of Averland Sunset and some White Scar.
  • Line highlight the metal with Ironguts with a tad of White Scar (or blend if time allows)
  • Line highlight the glossy black helms and armour with minutely lighter black/grey.       
  • Paint the eyes. Horizontal line of White Scar, dot of Bestial Brown, smaller dot of Abaddon black
  • Paint the brows and fingers etc of the faces with 2/3 progressively lighter layers of Cadian Flesh
  • Final touches to pouches and detail, Blend as needed. Finish metal + Bronzes with Gehanna Gold + drybrush Of Irongut Metal.
  • Paint three coats of Valeyo gloss over the glossy armour portions
  • Paint tattoos on exposed arms
  • Paint any OSL + metal warping
  • Cover base with snow.
  • Splat on the blood

Tattoos here;

Took a bit of time to do some OSL with mixed results, still feels off, think it’s to do with how I do shadows so that will need some work.
Also enjoyed doing eyes across the board, white horizontal stripe, dot brown/blue for the Iris, smaller dot of black for the Pupil.

Additionally I found that added snow up the legs of the troopers made them much more blended with the environment and complemented the painting and realism nicely.

Details on the shields used to identify this particular Platoon command squad.

Remember that hacked up stock pose trooper? He's back!

Thanks for reading, looking to put more up soon.


  1. I really like the tattoo's on these guys Mark. They look great and add a ton of character!

  2. Looking great. any chance of a mega team photo?

    1. See