Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The First...

Here we go!
Free blogging service supplied by Google finally bent to my will, or rather I've flexed around it. More like flung it to one side to get on with this actually, the first blog post.
Which will indeed be just that.
Yes that. Go back up.  My 1st  post will be about my 1st post. Including a convoluted mishmash of metaphors designed to poorly convey my own inadequacy to create a decent 1st subject to write about.

Oh should I be doing that? Using the word ‘write’ rather than ‘blog’? That seems like a blunder right away. Generally I assume that I’ll forget and barely remember more than ooh once a month? Damn did I just commit to that?
Yes me, you did. Fine, fine.

The beginnings of blogs always begin with justifications for starting them, which makes sense.
So, to my reasons right? The nitty gritty (read: licey gravel) of why I’m starting down a lengthy and probably fruitless task of collecting my thoughts somewhere for others to peruse at will.
Well, like others before and after this I’m about to try to enter the world of writing. Beginning with some test manuscripts and some short story submissions.
This I tried initially last year, to little success (more on that later).
By ‘enter the world of writing’ I mean submit something and flail wildly without experience, a better metaphor would be to ‘knock on writings door’. I’ve not made it past the big dogs and I certainly am not being greeted by the lady of the house.
From what I’ve read it’s a laborious process. Plenty of rejections and more insulting letters than BLANK was for BLANK. My first choice of publishing house/genre is a toughie as well. I’m starting with Black Library. Massive in the science-fiction section, little known outside of that apart from the ever condescending question about ‘are they those little toy soldiers?’
Chances if anyone but me is reading this then you either;
A) Have been directed here by me, possibly whilst my hand is upon your shoulder
B) Have randomly entered ‘Warhammer 40,000 blog’ and Google is misfiring
In either case BL only really allow a 2 month submission window, in which they may not even read all the manuscripts that get sent to them so my challenge is time specific. My tactics for breaching this impenetrable barrier of (hopefully) worse fiction is to get the submissions ready early. To just keep going on throughout the year until my writing gets noticed, better, or so bad that it causes my word processor to crash repeatedly.

That should be short enough for a first post right? Basics covered? Major questions and general plotline outlined? Excellent

To work then...

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