Friday, 27 June 2014

New Deathwing Video game trailer

Well this looks sufficiently badass. 
Check out the blurb below the video, appears to be shot with the Unreal ingame engine. Just a shame about the scale of the final...thing.


  1. Yeah I was put off by the 25 foot tall...Broodlord? Maybe the game will have a variety of sizes of genestealer and BL, its possible there are strains that have consumed ogryn or other large species and have bulked up substantially.

    I was thinking about it and I'm not sure facing only genestealers really makes for a complete shooter in 2014.

  2. The only thing that could give it some variance if it was a true space hulk. I.e. literally a load of ships crunched together, so Eldar, Ork etc.
    Otherwise there will be young genestealer, teenage genestealer, old genestealer, broodlord.
    I remember old Star Trek away team which had that nice bent, whereby it was alien ship 1, 2, 3.