Monday, 28 July 2014

Warhammer and babies...

Since I've found out I'm going to be a father I've acknowledged that my painting, modelling and even storage habits will have to change. With that in mind, keen not to lose the focus that I've put into the last year and a half of gaming I've began to make stockpiles.

Seeing the handy comments on a Bell of Lost Souls article ( surrounding having a new baby take over your life completely, I decided to start making some sacrifices early, so as not to put too much strain on the relationship with the hot wife, but also my friends.

So see below the 10 changes that I've made to help me and my gaming addiction.

As other things will take your money in a big way!

1.   My spray paints have been stocked up so that I shouldn't need any more after my current grey tide is painted, especially if I bunch them up on the spray board nice and tight!

2.   Now I have enough brushes of many different sizes and quality that means that I can lose a few bristles without needing to replace any at all. Check out the new Psycho.
3.     I've gone off and bought a roll of Epoxy resin from Ebay so that every single miniature can sink some of my time into. Converting everything will get me maximum satisfaction, and maximum use from each mini.

Scale down the amount of space that the hobby takes, as pushchairs and roaming babies will take precedence!

4.   My bits box has now had extraneous bits thrown away that I know I’ll never use, whilst still being big enough to last for a while, this below is one of three.... 
     And no, I don’t need all those sprues that I’ll eventually turn into rubble.

5.   Flat pack scenery! Smaller boxes!

6.   This is what I've managed to shrink 4,000 points of guard into. That’s 1 Superheavy, 4 Leman Russes, 1 Hellhound, 4 assorted Chimeras/Wyverns, a Hades breaching drill, one Cyclops and one proxy Cyclops. Alongside about 80+Guard bodies, an Aegis line, 9 heavy weapon bases, 3 Sentinels and aaaaall their associated bits. All into a crate the height of a single bottle of wine.
Smart changes.
Purchases should be made with concession to the ‘long game’. This is the collected wisdom from almost every family gamer that states that hobby time will dwindle and die, and plans need to be made to lessen the hurt.

7.   Birthdays and Christmas’s are now the one and only times that spending will happen on plastic crack. Having a midyear birthday does help.

8.   Invest in the cheaper sites now, because if GW teach us anything is that prices go up.

9.   Chop your unnecessary subscriptions down for the sideline stuff. Make the choices in spare time sinks. Do I really need my World of Warcraft subscription with such a large game library? Likewise is Xbox Live needed
Bye guys!

10. I’ve dropped my time as a cub Scout leader to instead focus on gaming. I can always return to Scouts when the nipper is older and can drop gaming in return.

I think this should make me 100% ready for fatherhood, right?

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