Thursday, 28 August 2014

Proud momma hen; my Hades Breaching Drill.

With the phrase stolen from Sergeant Terry of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I would like to present my favourite model of the moment, the lovely (completed) Hades Breaching Drill. Mmmmm.

This put all the little things into practice and I'm liking the result thus far.
Little changes were made to the original model, apart from omitting the melta-cannon inside completely. As for the flayed faces on the side panels, some green stuff and a flat surface.
Firstly I based with Chaos Black. Then block painted the silver/shiny metal of the machine carefully, or at least the parts that I knew would be mostly silver. Then initially I layered a very pink/red metal layer and then hairspray and salted it all the way to the drill head.
Then, over this, I added a darker layer of muddier brown, and salted once more
This gave it an overall much darker tone.

After this, the salt was disturbed carefully, with boiling hot water and a small enough stipple brush. The heat didn't affect the larger model but be careful if doing this with finecast or smaller resin pieces.

Apart from the standard ways that I paint tanks, the only difference was the very hand mixed orange wash that went over the metals of the drill head, this gave a natural discolouration to the recesses when it split when drying. As well as this I used Burnt Umber oil paint mixed with a much higher percentage of white spirit, so that the oil would collect in the recesses much easier while the spirit dried.

Big thanks to my friend Bave, who got me an Army Painter Psycho brush, which has minuscule bristles and allowed me to do the dials on the rear engine panel.
 Then with a little OSL at the rear and then some basic graffiti on the top, we're finished.

Next up, a massive line of Imperial Guardsmen!

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