Monday, 15 September 2014

More terrain in an hour or less; Sewer entrances.

I mean another bit of terrain in a single... Not more terrain in the same singular period but more pieces in successive...You know what I mean.

Some usable pieces for a oh-so distant cityfight board I'll one day own. Sewers!
Less so the 'stewing with faeces' kind and more the 'why don't we pop up and gun you down' kind.

To start, some relatively easy to find objects.Coffee pods. 

These little beauties have a very retro-manhole-look when plied away from their bulbous butts. Cue the large knife and the pleasant smell of five day old ground coffee.
From there, with a bit of luck you should have this. 
I've elected to stick these to something more rigid as these are pretty much just foil, but a circular support would work just as well.

Bit of force to make the whole thing level.
Terrainify/use in game.

I'm ordering some Water Effects online soon and will have a play with that too.

Next up. Can Silo's. (Han Solo's 40k counterpart)
Can + Balsa wood for support.

Paint. (a Photo-failure here)


This needs a good coat of varnish, and still needs some dirty water/gunk effects and so was completed in slightly longer than an hour. 

But the intent was there!

I've also been playing around with Rivets and will report back once the experiment is finished.


  1. More great tips Mark. You are definitely a master of transforming found items into cool pieces!