Saturday, 13 February 2016

Converted 30k Ursarax

Ursarax! They've just released the models for these! Yay!
These guys are a great variation of the Thallax, and liked the idea of these close combat beasties being very Dark and Spindly (Remember Dan Abnetts Shockroaches?)
I found a starting point in the 41st Millennia in these Ruststalkers and so set about doing some minor modifications. I wanted to give these guys a similar aesthetic to that of the Thallax but didn't want to lose the original awesome look of the Ruststalkers, nor did I want to dilute the feeling of the Dark Mechanicus.

With minimal work, these were made more ‘jumpy’ (as jump pack troops are want to be) with some leg re-poses and the angling of arms for an overhead smash.
As well as this I felt they needed a bit more torso bulk, so I made some simple shoulderpads from leftover Space Marine parts and added them in. With a sharp scalpel, they started looking a lot more bulky.
The detail on their faces was obscured with some more scalpel and greenstuff work to marry with the Thallax’s faceless helms and over their shoulders I added their short ranged weapon, which was a trimmed and truncated weapon from the Kataphron kits. One large weapon feed later (and a support cable) and these echoed that Predator-esque slaved-weapon individuality that I wanted.  

For hand weapons well...these guys have Lightning claws in their rules, and the models have Chord-claws in their kits. Unfortunately I was 5 claws short for everyone to have them so I made a couple of more ‘industrial’ claws from some more leftover Kataphron bits.
Finally, the bruiser of the show, the dual power fists. This guy is almost a necessity within this unit, and I would happily have more kitted out in the same way. First, a brutish challenging stance. Secondly, thicker forearms and trunking around his shoulders. Thirdly…smashing fists!
These will get a hefty dose of OSL to show their threat on the table but I like the look of these already.

These guys are good to go and will definitely help bring down anything in cc. Now to test them out!

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