Wednesday, 3 February 2016

State of the desk; More Dark Mechanicus

This has been a dark winter. Long and filled with the ichor of corruption...
In an attempt to stop turning up to games with half or quarter painted miniatures I started to put more effort into getting the Dark Mechanicus completed. What that means is that I need to get cracking and get the correct bits completed in bulk.
Batches helps. In order of intent.

Castellax and Scyllax/Servo-automata combined.
Abeyant and Hyperios platforms
Ursurax (more later)

Not too onerous a task.
Firstly, the Myrmidons.
These were only made complex by my own hand, the fact that I converted them heavily caused plenty of problems, not so large as the fact that I used a purple basecoat for their skin, rather than being sensible. I really wanted to convey the sickly, vat-grown look with them but I’m not sure I succeeded as well as I’d like.

The skin was haphazardly blended up from purple to white but in too thin layers which probably wasn't necessary.

Oddly, the favourite bit for me is the orange hazard banding on the ammo feeds. These guys are at least finished as they will be used a heck of a lot.
They've definitely got the dark and ponderous look I was going for.

On to the Castellax and Servo bits. A very nice model to paint. Detail in patches but a lot of metals and flat spaces as well for freehand and battle damage.
The trickiest part was again down to my own making when I covered the armour plates with fine chain, as the recessed detail was just impossible to touch. Other than adding a magnetised Multimelta option, this guy was completed nice and easily, along with the Scyllax/Servo-automata. 
They had just large enough and armour plates to add sponged damage too, not something I've been bothered about before now. The Servo skulls for the Cyber occularis work nicely too for effectively what are pieces of wargear.
Next was a good start on the Abeyant that Draykayvac walks around in, and although some of the work was completed with subtle blues and reds in the metals it doesn't show as  much as I’d like on camera. Either a glaze or more OSL (think I need to relearn this) and the pieces are complete.
 Favourite part for me would be the green data screens and the giant skullplates teeth.
The Hyperios were very simply completed as they aren't the.most important models in my army, with some layered edge drybrushing, much like weathering on a building.
Next steps will be painting the characters! Thanks all!

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