Sunday, 1 November 2015

Dark Mechanicus Adsecularis/Dark Skitarii

Options for Dark Mechanicus are limited when it comes to easy 'out of the box' troops. This should hopefully cover some of the missing bodies from the army. Here follows a whistle stop run through of the guys that I've put together.
I mixed 2 packs of Chaos Cultists with the standard Vanguard box, as I wanted a very Mechanicus feel, and not veer too far from the standard elements that you would expect to see in the army. 

I used the weapons that came in the box to split them into two rough sets, mainly in case I wanted to leverage them into the 40k side of things.

Main elements that I wanted pretty much across the board.

Close combat bits.
Saying that, these were actually very easy to put together and very satisfying to complete. 

Where possible, I made some powered bayonets, and because I didn't want a skinny bunch, they've got pouches and bits galore.

For these long-rifles I frequently removed the connective hook underneath the main stock to attach things like bayonets and power lines.

Green stuff work should be minimal on these guys as most of the work is already complete.

Personal favourite is hard to decide, may not have one for this lot as I'm a fan of them all!

Next up is the Adept I made, he'll be a little charmer too!


  1. Excellent kitbashes, out of curiosity are you using the skiitari codex or renegades and heretics with the Heretek Magos? I've got a boatload of daemon engines, so I have seriously considered doing a Heretek Magos army (or 2 since I have khorne and nurgle engines) but the biggest barrier I see is fitting Skiitari models in that will work for both the skiitari codex as well as IA13. My best bet will probably be magnetizing weapons that don't count-as well.

  2. Renegades and Heretics mainly, these guys can proxy for the generic infantry with the 6+ fnp nicely.
    The Skitarii ones a little harder as you need loads more vehicles.
    The magos and these guys are mainly for the Taghmata Omnissiah 30k list.