Tuesday, 6 October 2015

State of the Desk; Sons of Sek TAAAAANKS, some scenery, and some non GW beauties

Tanks have been the focus over the last few weeks. Love em! In an effort to get as many of the core Sons of Sek guys painted I wanted to get these finished and working away. 

Soon I'll put together a picture spread to showcase what these guys should look like. Aggressive!

I'm trying a new paint scheme with my Chimera and Wyvern chassis' that took a lot of work. And in the end I'm not sure whether I'm convinced it was worth it. Wyvern first.

Started with a flat brown base, dabbed on rust pigments, then weathered with oils, stippled again and then dry brushed all over.

I think this could use more distinct patterns of orange rust to really show the age. Happy enough with it though. 

Here are some images of it with the snow laden on too.
 Similar tactics with the Chimera. 

 Melta scar

 Snow time
Crazy driver
Now on to the Leman Russ. Normally I'd do several layers of yellow lightly, then cover with GW Agrax in the recesses and then tidy up with a brush. 

This time around I washed with an Burnt Umber/White Spirit mix and then dry brushed instead (as I figured I'd be weathering heavily anyway). Came out nicely, but I forgot to take a picture before slapping the snow on it to show the depth of the dry brushing! Next time!

Anyway, good old blue glow Executioner here we come...

As I had one tank with a Purple main weapon, and blue sponsons, I wanted to match them up, so I painted some purple sponsons and now we have 2 matching tanks!

(I think I now prefer the blue too, thanks Bave for pointing that out)

Coupled with this I've been trying to get the Mortalis Tiles I have finished. And they are an effort!

I've picked a simple enough colour scheme for them but it still takes time per tile.

So the scheme is as follows. 
  1. Base black.
  2. Dry brush Leadbelcher all over with a large household brush to get some uniformity.
  3. Pick out the panels in Ushtabi bone
  4. Dry brush the panel tops with white scar
  5. Pick out the tile-tops, some cables, and the major rivets with pure Gehennas gold.
  6. Dry brush the bottom-most panel vents with Gehennas gold
  7. Re-pick detail on the panels covered by Ushtabi bone colour (I.e. light fittings, cables etc) 
  8. Sponge weather Abaddon Black on the panels only
  9. Sponge weather Leadbelcher on the Abaddon black patches and patches of the floor
  10. Heavy Burnt umber oil wash on the tile-tops, and splotchy patches across the floor.
  11. Light Burnt umber oil wash on the wall panels themselves
  12. Detail on screens, bloodstains, scraps of paper etc.
They are different stages honest!

I do recommend three things. 
  • One process per tile, per time. (I.e. do one colour across all of the tiles) as this gives uniformity to the tiles if you want to play on them halfway through.
  • Snap a brush in half for the upwards inner details, it saves on bending. 
  • Don't worry too much about cleanliness, the moulds aren't great, so accept its not going to be perfect.

At the moment these things have been washed, and are sat in the garage stinking the place of white spirit. All that remains is detail and these will be project complete!

Finally some loveliness from the excellent Anvil Miniatures https://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/

I'd gone to gaming weekend at my local gaming club (5th place for this guy).

Anvil Industry popped up. UK based, very pretty sculpts. 

I hadn't intended to purchase anything but these cropped up.
Mmmm, Tarantula proxies.

And then this guy. 

Mmmm, techpriest proxy.

Three of the proxies and him for £20.00 with a day deal. Awesome.

Hopefully I can get the Mortalis finished and then on to more Mechanicus!


  1. Love the tech priest proxy. The tanks are looking awesome! The combo of the snow and weathering just looks gorgeous!

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