Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Weekly progress; ALL THE SONS OF HORUS!

So I lucked out bigtime. This is the latest acquisition to the fold. An acquisition that DOUBLES my Sons of Horus army, and likely trebles the amount of resin in my army.

I’m reluctant to saw ‘Forgeworld resin’ as some of this stuff is definitely foreign. As it was a bundle deal however, I’m going to use what I can!

This provides me with;

11 more Justaerin                           
2 full SOH Dreadnoughts
30 Reavers         
10 Destroyers
10 Breachers
60 assorted marine bodies
3 SOH Bikes
Bits for Loken, Sons of Horus HQ, and Master of signal
SOH Chests, Heads, Flamers, Chainaxes, Power weapon sets.

I’ve decided to be benevolent with my gifts, Breachers to one friend, some Justaerin to another. The rest are MINE!
Key aim for me is to really get the poses right, and the associated intent.
I want dynamism.

Calculated menace.
Outright threat.
So I went off and built the Reavers...
Built more Reavers...
Build some Honour Guard

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