Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Weekly progress: Big Sons of Horus Batch doooone, Sons of Sek tank

Nothing like chopping a load of work from your unpainted army. These 30+ guys were a 'delight' to get through.

I am pretty chuffed with how these guys all came out, they took an age to get through, but the results are definitely worth it.

So I had a look and I started these back on the 18th March, and finished around the 12th April. Now I'm not able to commit masses of time to painting really, and could only average about 2 hours a day. So around 50+ hours to get this lot finished.

Base colours

Metals and first wash on

Blending applied.

Blacks and fleshes

Dirty Gold

 Some detail

Bases and finished




Siege Breaker


Tacticals (with potential)

Tactical Support Squad

Seeker squad

The army thus far

So these are now ready to be used aplenty.

I then went and spent a ridiculously short amount of time painting and weathering this Sons of Sek Leman Russ tank, that had been purchased last year and never really touched. 

Great way to break up your endless hordes of troops and keep your sanity, a nice easy win :)

After that, I'll move onto some scenery and then get back to some good old conversions.


  1. Awesome progress! I particularly like the moritat and the banner man! :D