Tuesday, 27 November 2018

A third Horus Heresy force

Heresy lives, and thrives in fact. Bring in the Word Bearers...
So, while Necromunda is finally giving me that campaign progression that I've always wanted within 40k, I can honestly say that Heresy still is one of my favourite settings.

Yes, the lack of content may worry some, but in reality we knew the focus would shift.

So! The boys in Crimson commeth! I'd toyed with a few options for which force to pick next, and I really was struggling with Word Bearers, or World Eaters. Both I absolutely love in fluff (now, thanks for making them hearty and scary again Dan and Aaron) and so in the end, it came down to model love.

Gal Vorbak.....

These are just the most amazing models that FW has ever produced. 

Whichever sculptor they get to do their 'warped marines' is just fantastic, and I wonder if they had a hand in my old favourites, the Chosen from the Dark Vengeance box (THIS IS A PUSH FIT MODEL).

As well as this, the Ashen Circle everyone. Mmmm so so on rules but will definitely be using these as they are, no need to proxy them as Jump Troops if the models are this nice.
Come to think of it I've even got an old Hellbrute, and some of those Chaos Chosen lying around too, I smell command squads!

These guys tipped it, combined as well with the ability to take some daemons, and having some funky characters and Psykers too!
So, I'd provisioned extra Battle for Calth marines when I knew I wanted more marines, so I had a fledgling force of 5 Gal Vorbak, 5 Ashen Circle, 30+ assorted tactical/Convertible marines.

The intent for these boys will be to have them as a drop army in support of my Sons of Horus/Mechanicum. So likely some drop-pods next, a leader, and maybe a couple of weapon packs to make their drops worthwhile.

I don't really anticipate seeing these painted until end of 2019, as the earlier part of the year will be focused on getting the remaining 40+ Sons of Horus boys done and dusted! Eesh, what a pain!

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