Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Necromunda Ambot Cargo-lugger, Contrast 30k Word Bearers, Mortalis games (Weekly Progress)

So this lovely beauty is due to trek through the underhive, bringing supplies to where it is most needed!
I love the hodepodge nature of Necromunda, which again is something you don't get in the very ordered 40 and 30k battlefields.

So I simply joined the legs with a bit of sprue, and then started stacking! I've accrued a fair amount of stuff over the years which I look at and go 'i'll use that later' and never do. Finally i got to put it all to some good use!
Plenty of leftover bags, containers and cannisters. The only thing i tried to do was to tie this to the Squat venator gang, so the 'head' of this lovely beauty and its legs will likely be painted with extremely scratched versions of the paintscheme on them.
Stubber on top in case I want to play him in the Caravan mission.

Then onto the Word Bearers, my next Heresy force. This paint scheme was one I saw on Duncan Rhodes twitter and thought it worth trying out. 

This is his
This is mine.
This came after some fairly poor testing with just some basic contrast paints. Even with some other washes, it still didnt look right. 

The recipe is lovely and simple. 

- Base Spray Leadbelcher.
- Wash Basilicum Grey (the contrast version of Nuln oil) all over.
- Paint with Flesh tearers Red. 

Thats it, that in itself gives a nice effect, one that I will happily leave on the model. I want it to look almost like this. Bit more weathering needed, but dark and shiny.
I did then touch it up with some extra highlights. Now need to decide on my approach to decals, and then weathering over the top too. Proof of concept was there so that I can do a load of these guys in bulk to have them to base standard at least. 

Also based some fiends to start my Daemons army off (always wanted one) Never had to use so much liquid green stuff ever!
Finally, managed to get a lovely game against my friend Darien on his lovely mortalis table at our local gaming club. I'm all for a challenge but this was just a bit of a nightmare! Terror squads are not your friend, 3 Contemptors and 2 Box Dreads against a leviathan and 2 Contemptors should have been easier than it was as well!

Next week, should be getting some more conversions on my Word Bearers.

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