Thursday, 27 June 2019

Necromunda Underhive (Squat) Venator Gang: Felgryms Company

 This is my newest gang to try out in Necromunda, my Squat Venator gang; Felgryms Company.

The general basis of the paint scheme was this photo I found online, which I really loved the look of, as it was completely different from the majority of my much warmer coloured gangs. I learned a lot painting my Escher so wanted to try out the metallic look elsewhere.

So these models were from the Thundriks profiteers set, for Warhammer underworlds, without massive conversions all over. The main changes were to the leader, and the pistol/Sword gents.
I wouldn’t class all of the additional armature stuff as being very invasive as it doesn’t detract from the lovely models themselves!

These are pretty much WYSIWYG, main features are pricy carapace armour and thunder hammer, as well as a grenade launcher and flamer. Should make things fun!

The pintle weapons are magnetised and to fit the 1000 cred starting requirements theses venators are fairly lightly equipped at the moment.

These have the weird (to me) brown plastic that you basecoat, so I base coated with Leadbelcher, and I actually purchased a suitably metallic colour (this lovely green) after being inspired by this paint scheme I found online (credit to the original ofc).

Simple highlights on the metal along with washes for interest.

Hefty amount of OSL, which I tried to keep in line with the rest of the mini colours and kept them fairly cool and cold green.

I rushed the bases a bit, as it was A) very late at night B) my son was teething pretty hard and keeping us on edge C) I didn’t have spare 30mm bases, so I nicked some from some Escher, hence some bad flash, and some glue residue. I’ll go back and tidy with appropriate gloss another day.

The big tanks on this boys back I tried a good variant of colour, I wanted more oil sheen but got a bit closer to iridescent I think, ah well.

These boys definitely will benefit from some decent photography as they look lovely in person.