Tuesday, 17 April 2012

IP for me?

Three shiny and new sample submissions sent in to Black Library since last I posted.
Warhammer submissions, fantasy. Not something I’ve written for about twelve years really, any dabbling has been 40k based, all of my mindset was geared towards one IP and not the other.
Shamelessly I’ll admit it was because I; as others had, labelled the Warhammer fantasy universe as having relatively restrictive borders compared to that of 40k. Whilst there are some very good arguments for both sides having the greater number of possibilities my opinion will always simply be biased towards Space Marines over Dwarves, which personally I think drills down to that ‘first contact’ moment.

Mine was with a Warlord titan figure in a Welsh Games workshop (one of the first ones), this little figurine of small scale and bright colour that hogged the foreground of my young universe. I wonder if I’d have seen Nagash first things would be different? Or a dragon?
Regardless, 40k was and will probably always be a personal love of mine.
Saying that, writing Fantasy is fantastic fun. Much more grunting for one.

The initial search for an opening in the lore that has yet to be written about is trickier still, the races are more finite, the realm smaller and better described. I had a big list of ‘Warhammer scenarios already written about’ on my iPad that I jotted down. Some good, some needing development, mostly explored and written, all saved.

Do I do drastically different then? I envisage that writing wild ideas that border on FanFiction is a cardinal sin when submitting to Black Library, theirs is a formal process and should remain as such. So perhaps I’ve erred for caution in my sample text choices, perhaps they were too safe and perhaps too ‘find a niche I like’ rather than ‘find a niche Black Library like’, perhaps they’ll get missed?

We’ll see. I'm pausing on submissions at the moment, mainly to focus on getting in shape for the holidays but also to stop annoying BL with potentially amateurish gibberish.
Ignore that second one in fact.

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