Friday, 25 May 2012

Closing my own submissions window

Bloods Burden was the book manuscript that had always intended to write.

Short stories that finally formed into a cohesive whole. Admittedly, I’ve already submitted these to BL as separate short stories in the blind hope that quantity over quality would grant me a greater chance of consideration.
A bolter on burst-fire instead of a lascannon so to speak.
The three shorts were independent from one another, always with a link in mind. Rather than worrying about an overreaching story that needed to be padded with descriptive verse or uncharacteristic emotion it was instead liberally quick and racy to just get them OUT. I could describe the individual trajectory of each bullet or blade descent but the sheer block of text that such writing creates is laborious and looks far too heavy for a readers eyes. At best, combat is long when it itself is looooong. A Space Marine doesn’t fight or train or live slow so for the moment I kept things short and hopefully sweet.
One of those three submitted short stories simply didn’t fit, it didn’t even fit into the canon of Forty-Fighty-k itself so it was culled, yoinked gracefully from its sandwiched position to sit back in my ‘Harvest for ideas’ section of my Google drive. The other two meshed nicely, with the final manuscript clocking in at around 15k words in total and I was pleased with their bedding, the proposed arc of the book also looking far more epic than I’d initially thought.
Synopses though, less said the better. The summary to ‘Bloods Burden’ is after the break.

A teenage underhiver is born anew as a demi-god of myth when he is recruited by the Angels Vermillion Chapter of the Imperial Astartes. He must earn his place inside the Chapters shadowed Scout core whilst learning to control the dark burden that they as Sanguinius’ distant sons collectively bear. As blood-drenched fingerprints begin to stain the worlds under his Chapters protection he and his squad must fight to defend their homeworld from predation at the tendrilous touch of Chaos. The Angels new and Angels true must trust in their newest recruit as he fights to save their Fortress monastery and home planet from utter destruction.

(Big thanks to my friend Ben who pointed out that removing the worlds and names in question make it more dramatic, I tried both with and without and have to agree)
I’d love for this to get published, hell noticed even! I’m also jonesing to get on and submit the damn thing but for some reason I’m writing thi- Ok done, sent. I’m not sure why I procrastinated over sending that in, possibly because that closes my own personal submission window for 2012? A shame but I’ll still keep trucking onwards.
I’m glad as I do worry whenever BL publish something that even slightly matches a submissions subject matter. This I think stems back to school days when plagiarism was a terrible offence

‘Oh no! That means they might think I’m copying them!’

I worry about this to a degree where plagiarism concerns become ever-greater than is possible.

‘Oh no, Emperors Gift has a moment similar to my own regarding the process of the Hypnomat! Oh no the Blood Angels Black rage has been written about before! Oh no there are Space Marines in this book! Oh no…’

Rather extreme as you can imagine.
I’ve also been working nicely on the fantasy section of my repertoire, Robbers Ruin is the most exciting of my Warhammer prospects that meshed with my imagination. That particular manuscript being lavished with some attention recently.
From there I might dabble in completely non-BL fluff. I tinkered recently with some open sci-fi, plucked from my surface thought to see what would organically happen. Despite being extremely short (i.e. 2 pages!) it looks pretty fun and the possibilities are interesting. Golem’s God it was called, and I do love said title.
For now, a toilet break is needed whilst I hold my breath, waiting for BL. Hah, that'll do as a title.

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