Monday, 16 September 2013

Something happened...

A story, a story!

So this happened

Yes. Yes. YES! My family members and my wife (yes!) know that my excited face is pretty much the same as my 'its cold' face. So I was happy to discover that the guys at the The Bolthole had decided to publish another anthology after their 1st, a horror anthology was a success. 
Their newest anthology revolved around time travel and this was the editorial quote that I've just sent post-release.

'I'd like to think that writing for the Marching Time anthology changed my rather jaded opinion of time travel entirely.

I was very much of the fixed mindset that sees time travel as either A) A lazy plot device B) An easy-out for script writers C) An over saturated media format. When I see 'time travel' as a movie sub-genre it makes me wince, wishing for someone to look slightly outside of the opportunity simply to get a re-use from that damned period drama set.
Give me linearity and formula any day. Characters rather than character.

And yet, when viewing our editor He2etic's carefully worded recruitment poster that emphatically stated; "we want war stories" I felt the pocket of bile that I'd reserved for said topic dissolve into my intestine with nary a pop nor poke. Perhaps this was how to dissolve my disaffection. Perhaps now that time travel was a far less significant part of the story would I enjoy writing around it, rather than against it.
So I sucked up my own reservations and pitched a story. 

Thanks to the Editors everything went well, and now, my name is a fricking hyperlink!'

More on this tomorrow.

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