Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Dark Vengeance Conversions

I've been painting again.

After receiving the Games Workshop Dark Vengeance set as a Christmas present from the wife, I figured I should engage with the hobby that I so gladly wrote for. Picky person that I am, I chose to make a custom army.

Enter; Astartes.

For long years after the death of his Brother, the Twin Primarch Omegon lamented the spiraling downfall of his blessed sons, the Alpha Legion. 
He was convinced that a time would come when their shared vision of a reborn Imperium free from the touch of Chaos would be but a distant memory.

Too many Battle Brothers fell to the ever-roaming Inquisition. To newly birthed Astartes Chapters hungry for glory. To the petty Chaos warbands that had filled the galaxy in the wake of the Heresy. He saw disparate Alpha Legion cells become further and further trapped in their own deceit until it bordered on delusion.
Greatest of all, the depredation upon the failing Imperium appalled him. He saw it as a slur upon his fathers Utopian ideal that he had once rejected for its very improbability. He despaired through the long war.

Finally, after many years in desperation, locked in secrecy, he told his most trusted advisers of his great and final legacy. He had conceived of a brotherhood, one that would echo the principles laid down by he and his twin during the great crusade. One that would sit as far removed from the tenets of the deplorable Codex Astartes, but would instead operate to protect the Emperors lost ideal. He would breathe life into them, weaving the fate of their home world in such a way that when the Adeptus Terra sought for a new Chapter, theirs was the only option. With the plan laid out he looked forwards, knowing that centuries of subterfuge lay ahead. He knew his path would be fraught with failure, but the possibility that there could exist a Loyalist chapter that would follow a hierarchical structure similar to the original Alpha Legion's own but never know that their heritage intertwined with his own was far too tantalizing.

Not all bitterness from his long struggle could be so easily forgotten, and it was only upon the threshold of his long infiltration into the Adeptus Terra that Omegon was finally able to confess of his greatest angst.

'The Son's will bear my own seal; the Omega. For while the Alpha was taken from us, the Omega may yet prevail'.

At the moment, this is just a theme I've given the army, in time maybe some stories will be made. For now I've got to get my modelling, painting, tactics, and photography all up to scratch. Photos included below of the Dark Vengeance guys so far.

Tactical Squad Falkus
A lot of learning here, not masses of conversions, the pad-less marine and the Sergeant would be the most noticeable. Both of these along with the remaining troops were carved away (not necessarily very carefully) with a scalpel, the snow was initially GW flock, but then I discovered a far favourable mix of Bicarbonate  of soda, PVA glue and water. If it yellows I'll include it as a theme!

Paint mix was again from the starter set, Dark Angels Green with White Scar and then some experimentation. More on the painting to follow.

Teeth Of the Hydra; Bike Squad. A lot of snipping with scissors and scalpels to remove all Ravenwing iconography, not a bad looking bunch now.

Librarian;Tenoch Tenoke 

Another slick hack and slash. More generic iconography removed from the chest, hence the wound and the rather dull shoulderpad. I'd attempted an arm switch without realising I lacked the parts to switch to! Apart from cabling on the wrist this will suffice for now.

More of these guys alongside the rest of the blogging shortly.

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