Friday, 29 November 2013

Converted Sons Of Sek

Well, as if my putting off writing wasn't enough, now come the Guard.

Inspired as ever by Dan Abnett's books, I felt a little homage, emphasise the 'age' please, was in order. And with a large chunk of greenstuff padding my painting box, an outlet was needed.

Here we go then. My Sons of Sek force, starting with a command squad.

First up, a suitable Etoguar. Someone large and imposing, near-Marine size. 

Hello Krell the Undying.

The mini was fantastic enough, but I felt it needed a 40k update. First up, I shaved any 
particularly Vampiric wings and details, trimming off the shoulder plates, and the helmet horns.

Then came the inspiration for the force, 'We Serve the Anarch, Whose Word Drowns out all Others'. (Henceforth known as 'clampy hands'). With a lot of mouths to cover, and at a detail that I'd not rendered yet down to, this took the best part of a day to get right. God bless the internet for its guides.

Coupled with a plasma gun and a smattering of medals, the beast took its shape nicely.

Next up, regimental advisors. One; a Commissar model from a Baneblade kit that will take some chopping, combined with the dual option Warhammer Wizard Kit. I do love the Amber Wizard head still.

Stick in some Mechandrites and an ambiguous sensor module for the Master of Ordnance, some mutated eyes on the rear of the masked Astropath with book, and some questionable cloak smoothing upon the Master of the Fleet and we have a fledgling Command squad!

Next up, Stormtroopers and G-g-g-aunts downfall.

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