Monday, 16 December 2013

Sons Of Sek; Stormtroopers

So, with me still working on my Marines whilst I waited for the Christmas rush of Guard boxes I felt the burning need to convert something.

Oddly, searching for 'Metal soldiers' on Ebay popped up 9 Stormtroopers, including backpacks sergeant, flamer and grenade launcher troopers for £5; bargain!

Like all of the old metal kits, without access to a particularly hefty craft-knife or serious files, the large details of the Stormtroopers would be relatively hard to change. Instead, I focused my efforts on overloading this elite inception force with an abundance of smaller details.

Firstly, all of the Aquila's were sliced off, or hacked to illegibility, or covered with plasticard 'plates'. 

Secondly, a greenstuff mask, or flayed face was added to their shoulderpads to define their allegiance, these were much easier to make than I had initially thought and I'll be adding more throughout the project.

Simply roll a flat section, then define the shape over the shoulderplate and tease apart the pinholes made for eyes, adding stitches and a downturned mouth as needed.

After this, other details were added, miniature axes and picks were made with plasticard, loops of wire and rope from greenstuff, some mesh over the flame troopers mask, a tentacle here, a few press-moulded weapons there, and they were taking shape nicely.

Now onto the Sergeant. My hazy memory of the Gaunts Ghosts books seemed to remind me that the Sons had bulbous goggles, so a greenstuff strip was added with 2 bobbles from a water filter cartridge. As well as some more skinned faces and a slightly curved hanger blade he looked the part. Group shots below.

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