Thursday, 9 January 2014

Santa with his Sons

I'm a firm believer in some solid Christmas-list-making, you get what you want, you get what you need and if you pad the thing out to a large enough degree you can still capture that 'whats under the tree magic' of childhood.

I did ask for toy tanks and toy soldiers like you should as well. First up my lovely wife bought me some of these;

Time to get cutting!

After all that fun of unwrapping I then got down to the business of merrymaking-huzzah! Several days later, with some time on my hands I purchased my own presents, as everyone normally does. 
Firstly, after being hacked off at the price of craft knives I spent the crazily low total of  £7.46 on 100 surgeon quality scalpel blades and scalpel. 100! I'll never have to snap a crappy craft knife when trying to sever a torso ever again! 

I was slightly worried about this happening...

But what the hell, thats grimdark too right?

Coupled with this fantastic find was the purchase of a Hellhound and a Chimera through my gaming club (good old Basingstoke Bastion), and a seperate order of a Leman Russ battletank, a five man blob of unposable Cadians, coupled with another Heavy Weapon squad from Warlord Workshop and a Catachan squad from the LFGS with leftover vouchers and an army started to be formed.

Sitting at 1500 points or thereabouts it was time to get cutting, gluing and posing.

Firstly, the same things as the rest of the Sons already had. 

Make em unique and non-Imperial

 Make em crazy.

No, crazier.

Then when you're sick of making tiny little cupping hands...make some more!

And more...

Mix in some complex weapon squads...

And some tanks...

Until, finally, you have a 2k force ready to play with!

Next; painting the Sons of Sek.


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