Friday, 14 February 2014

Painting Traitor Guard Tanks; Sons of Sek Part 3

More on the Executioner, whilst playing with a new camera I may have gotten carried away so apologies for the over-indulgence with filters.

Another tank that was inspired by my drubbing at its hands, kitted with two heavy plasma sponsons this thing was dropping five plasma templates on my squads in a single turn. And I do mean squads. Used in a 2000 point game, where battlefields can get cramped, this thing is a nightmare. This is the first of a possible two.

So having only purchased the generic Russ kit , I splurged the cost of a large hazelnut latte from Starbucks and got the Executioner turret from a bits store.

Aside from the slight extra care with the writing on the turret-top and some heat scorching on the louvres;

And some slightly dubious freehand (I need a tutorial on arrow points) with some Tamiya clear red spattered over it.

The same process as the Hellhound and Chimera was taken.

By the by, how does the thing get away with having such massive holes in its forward armour as those shown by the below? Even the Rhino has fake glass under its 'awning' for appearances sake.

The main weapon didn't take as long as I thought, though I think I need to start adding some more defined whiteness to the hottest coils, as it still seems rather muted by comparison. I'm highly unlikely to be buying a airbrush any time soon unfortunately and that does seem like a fantastic way of getting the glow.

Learn your OSL Mark, learn it!  

More tanks to follow shortly.

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