Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Get yer gun on! Son's Of Sek Heavy Weapons teams

Bring on the tripods and the heavy weapons. These were the first batch of painted Sons that I tried to keep closer to the descriptions as given in the Gaunt books, whereby the black body armour they used had a glossy finish.

Previously I'd tried drybrushing over a black base, with highlights. 

However I didn't like the finish that it gave, though admittedly they looked decent on the battlefield. So this was recommended to me after seeing the glossy black sheen-shields upon the front of the Mechanicum Thallax shock troops (Drool)

So, after the black basecoat was added, I painted over each armour plate with a layer of clear gloss, in an attempt to bring some natural sheen to the miniature. This gave me this result with the remaining bods.

When I say a layer, I mean about 5 layers.

Admittedly, I still need to work on my figures photography, as they are massively oversaturated and so the sheen and the painting does show rather more vividly and with less blending than I'd like. I'm still trialling this technique as well so I'll refine it as I go.

I also painted a batch of weapons (rather quickly) to give me some options, the smallest gun-show in the west.

And something that I like to do is collate my favourite bits of the painting, into a little collage of things that you may not be able to see, but are nice touches, below are some touches I added including cuts and grazes, bloody knuckles, some first attempts at blending on backpacks, and Macklemore-Sek-trooper.

I'm just about finishing my second platoon of Troops as well, and as soon as the Sirdar has had some attention lavished upon him, I'll put up some pictures.

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