Friday, 9 May 2014


I’m going to say three things.
- No I’m not looking forwards to 7th Edition
- I didn’t know my stomach lining would look like that
- Moving house as a couple does not mean that you can prioritise a game room over an extra bedroom!
Image courtesy of Aerion The Faithful-DeviantArt
Glean for that what you will. On to gaming. Killteam! 

200 point games. Well they just aren't as quick to set up as you’d have thought! 
The jolly funtime of Killteam is that once you’re up and going, games speed up nicely and several games can be played on the same table without a drastic need to switch terrain and items around.

Because of their scale, I've found that Killteams are far less anti vehicle/anti infantry specialised than a regular 40k game. When recalling games played over the last few months there were only a couple of times that I felt an imbalance. Such as when some 30 guard faced off against some 12 pathfinders. Some of the key fights;

IG VS Tau.
A Penal squad and a Veteran squad VS a hefty Firewarrior Squad with a Xv8. Win to Tau, should have paid for Carapace armour Veterans!

A Vet squad in a Chimera Vs Pathfinders with a Piranha. 
Win to Tau, Piranhas with Fusion blasters are bloody fast (sadface)

8-odd Stormtroopers in a Chimera, VS 3 burst cannon stealth suits and an Xv8. 
Win to Tau, damn suits and their cover saves negating hot-shot goodness!

A full 25 man platoon of Imperial Guard, plus 5 Ratlings, VS a 12 man pathfinder team with rail rifles. 
Win to Guard, finally with enough men and thanks to a crapload of firepower and 2 objectives in my deployment zone. (Thanks to some new Ratlings)
Marines VS Marines
A 6 man Iron Hands Tactical squad, coupled with a 6 man Assault squad VS a 10 man Fists tactical squad with Rhino. 
Win to Iron Hands, most likely due to some very lucky Armour saves.

IG Vs Marines
A 25 man Platoon + Chimera Vs 8 Vanguard Veterans with various weapons. 
Guardsmen lose. Hitting Marines on 4’s, wounding them on 5’s, Marines saving on 3’s. It really doesn’t matter how many shots you take!

Marines are going to be a solid killteam choice of mine from here onwards.

They excel for many reasons but the main three are; Armour. Ballistic skill. Krak Grenades.  
Or should I say, Survivability, Shots/kill ratio, and universal special weapons. My friend Bave had a lovely time pelting the rear armour of my Chimera with his Krak eggs of doom.

Meanwhile, as I’ve been caught up in housemoves and drinking, I’ve felt like I’ve not painted anything in some time. So time to get converting.


  1. "- Moving house as a couple does not mean that you can prioritise a game room over an extra bedroom!"
    Every time my wife and I see a house with a basement, I make a comment about using it for gaming, and she pats me on the head in a, "sure dear, keep telling yourself that" fashion.

    This is awesome! I dunno if you've encountered them, but there's a great expansion on Kill Team out there that allows for campaign style advancement for your team etc:
    I am planning to round up some local chaps to try the campaign system out once I'm done moving house myself.

  2. I think we've just found our next campaign. Thanks for that Ian, nice find!