Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Ahhh I cut your face with my mind-knives!

You've gotta love the crazies of 40k, the flagellants, the real screw-loose Inquisitors (Bam, your world is dead! Bam, your world is dead too! Bam, Bam, Bam) and pretty much ever illustration from John Blanche ever (Cables in there? Really?)
Not Blanche, its not that kind of site
I’m hoping that GW release something entitled ‘Everything on Earth that was weird before the great crusade; Ever’, because some of the apocalyptic armies that cropped up in that time are so rich and packed with such fantastic themes.
Alan Bligh has really nailed the character and the legacy of these hosts with short and sweet ephemeral names like the Crimson Conclave, the Antioch Court, the Million Hand march. You can really picture the swaying banners of insanity over the heads of these hordes.

When unbound lists pop up, let’s please have an entire army of corrupt and power-mad Psykers, let’s please throw the hosts of old Terra at the Horus Heresy Marines and watch them triumph.

Woooh! Wind it back Mark, wind it back.

In the mindset of the above and with the Wyrdvane Psykers and Primaris Psykers in the Astra Militarum book, and the future of 40k, I felt like making a few crazies to go along with one Primaris I’d converted.

Take one box of Mantic Zombies, cut carefully, and add bits at an appropriately clear point .

 Initially I’d intended these guys to be as masked as the rest of the Sons of Sek, but really that would have taken the ‘No talky’ theme to unreasonable levels so I've left these guys with gobs agape. 

 Chucked in a hodgepodge of various bits and scrap that I've found and tried to make them fairly batcrap crazy.

This gent was intending to be my Primaris;

But I'm leaning towards this guy instead.

After this I'll be chasing down as much yellow paint as possible to get my big old beastly Baneblade painted and in use as he’s not seen enough of the tabletop in my opinion. Considering how much I was looking forwards to Escalation its just not something I’ve had a chance to use much.


  1. I actually used Mantic ghouls for most of my Psykers for my Inquisition army, these are them post assembly but before I've added any bits (i need to get some inq stuff on ebay, brass sheet and some gk bits etc) https://www.flickr.com/photos/ianlogsdon/11251624926/

  2. Nice minis indeed, the rat thing is a nice touch, i just think the detail on the hands and faces is fantastic, much less cartoon scale than some of the GW stuff