Thursday, 15 May 2014

New Mechanicum Tank variant; The Krios Venator

This was in a Forgeworld email that popped into my inbox, and hasn't been massively publicised by them as yet I don't believe, considering its not actually viewable in the 'New stuff' section.

Link for the page is available here 

This has a slightly lessened Mechanicum feel by comparison to the last tank; The standard Krios looks nicely steampunk, you can imagine a barrel of black light piercing tank hulls from miles away, whereas the Venator is clearly a more Demolisher/Typhon barrel feel.

(I’m betting that this is a far more close range D/S10, AP1 jobbie. Bring it on I say.)

Basically, this has further cajoled me towards starting a Mechanicum force after the Sons of Sek are up and running with enough tanks and bodies to keep me happy. Of the GW kits I think the ones that would be best suited and most efficiently kitted to be able to be upgraded to a small Mechanicum force for use in 40k are actually these guys, the Tempestus Scions.

Not only do they have the most Mechanicum feel, they also need such minimal conversions to look good. I’m 100% converted by the amount of awesome conversions of a Tempestus Scion to a Mechanicum trooper, some examples here;

I mean just look at this head! How Mechanicus-indentured servitude is this?

This will be very-much pipeline project, with only a few little touches from me to get things moving.

Time to research cable makers I think...


  1. I definitely hadn't seen that tank before! Thanks for sharing it! Agree on the troopers working as mechanicus foot soldiers. Curious to see what you do with them!

  2. Just fyi, that mechanicum tank fires (I believe) 4 S8 or 9 shots with the ordinance rule.

  3. The sick part is they're supposedly fast vehicles....