Thursday, 8 January 2015

Catch up and reset for the hobby clock

I've not painted in so long that my Superglue went hard.
No really. See through in the tube.

Is that the date already!? Right, catch up and get going.

Catch up is needed indeed. Therefore this will be a rather scatter-shot approach to blogging then over the next year. With less time to do anything with a tiny devourer (e.g. baby), plus the new house its getting harder to arrange time to focus on a little painting. And I also have this little demon called Warlords of Draenor to worry about as competition for my limited free time.
Eeek, busy!
The new house has given me finally room to lay my stuff out, and protect it. Sadly, during the move the Firebase didn't make it. I literally folded it in half it was so damp, no more cardboard for bases Mark.
Already the cupboard is looking fulsome.

So the three slots that I’ve had time for the hobby over Christmas have gone towards:

5k vs 5k game
1000 point Mortalis game (o yes!)
Painting the Rapier,
Some chopping of Ogryns for a potential Dark Mechanicus contingent to my Sons.

Firstly, the 5k game. Non-apocalyptic as it had simply been so long since we'd played!

The 5kvs 5k game was a lot of fun, 2.5k Heresy era Alpha Legion allied with 2.5k Traitor Guard (IA13 List) vs 5k Blood Angels with Assassins and Knightly Allies and we played on a big 5 x7 sheet in my large upstairs bedroom. 

In the end the Chaos forces won through sheer annihilation of the Blood Angels, though they’d taken a hefty mauling in the process and had almost lost due to some early point capping by the Sons Of Sanguinius. The old staid of gunline guard worked nicely alongside the Chaos gribblies and there was a significant benefit to having volume of cheap and expendable troops.

My champions of the match were 40 mutants, who managed to overwatch an Eversor assassin to an explosive death before he could tear them apart! Yeaaaah! (muuuuurrr says the mutant)
Secondly, I managed to get started on a true Zone of Mortalis board as a side project and the first couple of tiles arrived as presents from my good friends, so I wanted to give it a try. With only 2 tiles we had to fudge together a layout for the rest of the board in parts of flat MDF board. 
It was awesome though. Lots of death. 

Walkers did very well, remember to bring melta bombs for the bulkheads and really to think about the attacker/defender role more closely. Will be replaying.
Also, the Astropath is a great little guy and a cheap 50 points for an instant death template weapon as well.

Proxied of course!

Thirdly I slapped some paint on the Rapier for use with the Sons of Sek, or the Sons of Omega, whichever took my fancy. Such a cheap little Armour killer this thing is.
Finally for Christmas Santa Claws brought me some Fantasy ogres for me to chop and defile. Along with a new Razorsaw to saw through their SOLID PLASTIC BODIES.
(Mine with more blood on)
I got to work making my Ogres a little less static and less Fantasy orientated. Firstly, no silly mustaches! No saggy trousers or seams please. These would work as both Heavy Duty Praetorian Servitors, the new Heresy era Charonites and then a spare heavy weapon team if I needed to bulk up numbers. 

If you search on Good old Google you’ll struggle to find images of the Ogre bulls charging, instead more like they are walking into combat. 
I wanted the lumbering things to be moving fast so a long series of cuts and chops with my new saw gave me a couple of options to repose, first few below prior to greenstuff.
 Still plenty to be working on, plenty of chopping still to go.

Whew, caught up, sort of.

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  1. Mark,
    Do you have a link for that saw anywhere? I've been looking for one to cut through my plastic models! I love the poses you've come up with for the ogres. They look quite intimidating!