Friday, 19 June 2015

(Slightly) Cheaper Zone Mortalis; Scatter Terrain

As well as all the Sons of Sek fun and games, I’ve been cracking on with some generic scatter terrain that will work for Mortalis, and potentially Infinity as well (although this stuff does look pretty gothic).

Some resources first, literally anything works for small terrain, if it looks interesting, grab it, keep it.
 I’d been given some puzzle cubes for Christmas some time ago, and they had been taking up space, so glued them with PVA, and on they go as small crates.

Leftover business cards work great as a cheap base, these were plastic too, so bonus.

There were Cotton reel oil drums, An airfreshener capsule container. Those bomb-like shapes are actually capsules of saline we’d been given to clean my daughters eyes with but never needed.

The base of this was the bottom of an LED light fitting.
There were knobs from a CD system I threw out. These are upturned chocolate trays.
Business card boxes, filled with shavings and broken stuff from conversions that just don’t fit work great as skips.
These ‘skips’ had the plastic lobbed in, then a couple of layers of watered PVA kept the small bits in place.
Memory card cases, tic-tac boxes and of course, those bits of 40k parts that you actually wont use.

Now was where I was foolish, I should have used cheap primer, car spraypaint, hobbycraft matte or something. I got lazy and just used Citadel Stuff. Whoops! Not so cheap now!

2 drybrushes on most of the pieces, then some quick sponging and slashing with ligher metal colours. Detail.

The Trollslayer orange that I purchased *gasp-purchased?* was lovely and vibrant, and ideal for rust. So I tried out a few different splotches over some of the scatter pieces I’d created to make the Mortalis board look a little more rugged. Wow that’s bright.

So, toned down, this looks much better.

As well as this, I finally worked out that working on one piece OSL is dull as hell and slow. Paint, wait a sec, paint. Wait. So I decided to spread it around a bit while doing the Sons of Sek Psykers and this objective/station hence the blue glow, I like it.

A nice little board it is, you do have to accept that you will feel slightly like a rag-and-bone man,

In best Steptoe accent; ‘You dutty old maaan!’.


  1. These are fantastic. I really love this type of posts, as I think many of us forget the absolute treasure trove of terrain bits we all have laying about! It's good to not only see them used as an example (unpainted), but painted up as well. Thanks!

  2. Very nice work. I have a few of those Business card boxes too! Great to see how well thinking outside the box can help create great terrain.