Thursday, 18 June 2015

Sons of Sek; Jumpsuit Psykers

Work continues apace across many projects.

I really wanted to get some of the higher echelons of the Sons of Sek completed, so I finished all of the Psykers, Priests, and the Etoguar/Commander that have been making perennial under coated appearances for the last year plus on the battlefields, all while being fairly pivotal to the games I played. 

The Psykers were unified with some funky prison-jumpsuit orange on their legs, and my favourites were given some OSL. Lots of washes used on their skin, trying to suss what I liked best. 

Three or four different skin tones used to represent a little diversity. 

This guy is my favourite. Very Zombie-esque. 

On to the Commander. Took a while to paint him carefully, but as I’d attacked him with a knife to get him up to scratch he had a lot of odd edges so wasn’t my finest work.
 Was happy enough with how he turned out, but might go back and tone down some of the Glossy armour and replace it with gold/brass trimmed, as I think it is far too reflective.
I do like the detail on the axe and the cloak, tried out capillary washing for this which was good fun. Shall be using on vehicles from now on too.

Now I can use them freely.

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  1. These guys are terrifying. Absolute perfect psykers!