Friday, 29 May 2015

Ogryn Flagellants and the Spawn-o-Raptor

Everything in my house is being hacked and sawed to pieces at the moment. Loving the Razor saw (please ignore that last comment FBI scanner), but it doesn't bode well for my childhood.
In other news, Ebay has been its eternally-damned self to me, I won a still on sprue  box of Chaos spawn for £13 (RRP £25) and then lost a fully painted Forge world Imperial Guard Praetor Assault launcher for £46 (RRP £115) , I bid £45 and stopped! Woah woe woe.

The Spawn are busy being hacked apart, I'm using some fantasy Ogre bits to stretch the 2 in the box to 3.

The classic.

The potential Ogryn proxy (if needed)
The 'gonna need a bigger base'.

Because I wanted to see if I could make more I also started hacking apart some part Loyalist Termies (was intending to use them to start a fledgling Chaos force, too many projects however) 
Removed all the cool bits, shave, attach lumps, prepare for green stuffing, this will be the workdesk equivalent of a pincushion, whereby any spare green stuff bits go on here. 

As well as this, I fancied trying some giant spawn. 

Sorry childhood toys, you’re just a resource now. Hacked apart this old toy Raptor, stuck a few bits around it, sprayed, obligatory faces and hands everywhere, that'll do.

From there I've also been working on getting my 5-man squad of killer Ogryns ready to be actually used on the table top as either:


Ogryn + Bullgryns,
Heavy weapon Squads.
  • First step - remove nipples,
  • Second step - remove moustaches.
  • Third step - fix the shoes.
  • Fourth step - fix the baggy pantaloons.
  • Fifth step - shave the gut
  • Sixth step - attach craziness.
  • Seventh step - apply green stuff.
Good old Ebay, you win and lose so often. 

Oh, and something else fell in my basket too, a bundle of Mechanicum. More on these guys later.

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  1. Fantastic conversions. The heavy weapon squad guys are awesome!