Tuesday, 5 May 2015

(Slightly) Cheaper Zone Mortalis; Deck grating

I have been searching fairly high and low for this and finally I have found what this stuff is called in the UK. 
Plastic Canvas!

It crops up in forums where people are describing what they used to make their substitute Mortalis Decking and anything with any deck-like texture, as it’s a pretty damn good representation of what will/would be used for Ship decking.

Seems to be a form of knitting base, if you're interested.
Some forums in the US called it Granny Grating. Or just 'Mesh', or ''stuff I found down in the store''.

Finally a name for it. Thanks to this thread. 


Now to make bases, larger empty spaces and more!

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  1. AWesome! Eons of battle just did a review of this stuff too. I gotta get me some. It's perfect for grating!