Friday, 7 October 2016

Just Do It! The Process of Painting Pt1

This week I wanted to address what I've found to be my own worst enemy sometimes, and I feel it could also apply to many fellow gamers too. The actual process of Painting.
  • The pre-amble is great, scope your army! 
  • Buying the model from the store, via Ebay, via trades. It arrives! Shiny box!!!
  • The unboxing, cutting it clear of the sprue and assembling it.
  • Convert that up! Make it unique and YOURS!
  • Paint it...
  • Bunch the painted ones together, looking awesome!
  • Display it on your side, your desk, your cabinet! Be proud.
  • Use them in game to destroy and succeed!
Now I know that sometimes you have to suffer the pain(t) to get the reward. I know a good number of friends who will race to get models assembled, and then will leave the model for a number of years. I'm guilty of that.
Here are the core reasons why you cant get things done that I can identify.

The Love!

Hell this is the worst reason. I do this constantly! My favourite model, my cyclops? Not even undercoated
This is when you have a model that you respect and love so much, that you are afraid a paint job will ruin it. 
And it might, you have to accept that you could alter your love of that model with a poor paint job that changes your original perception of it. My view? 
Suck it up! You will either make it your own, or you will 'ruin' it. You've still got a great model. You've still got a chance to paint a great model. Your painting skill will likely improve because you will take your time.

The Fear!

I've noticed that I do this when I spot just how large a job painting something will be. 
Superheavies anyone?
All that metal...
My knight has sat converted and ready to go for an entire year now, undercoated and unloved because of the time that I know it will take to get it to a standard that I want. Large horde armies suffer from this too. All those minis to paint! My View?
Get a move on mucker! That model is never going to get the full use from unless you add some damn colour to it! You know you like the model, you use it in game! You know you like the rules because you're happy to have it out and about, so paint the damn thing and you're done!

The knowledge!

This is an Infinity model, and this is a human hair, see the scale that you need to paint to?
Well that's not going to be possible with my skill level so I'll leave that off. 
And leave it off. 
And off. 
And off.
Maybe some time through the years, you'll finally learn how to do it like the pro's do.
And how are you going to acquire that knowledge? My view?
Exactly, when you practice, and learn what works, its these miniatures that prompt that learning. Without those challenges, you won't reach the level that you want.


I have 95% of my Imperial guard already painted.
I have 70% of my Mechanicum already painted.
I have 20% of my Sons of Horus Painted. 
What do I focus on? The Imperial Guard of course!
Why make gains on the others when you can finish the most completed army? So much easier to top off the army that is almost whole. Despite the fact that the models being painted will likely not be used as the 30% and 80% outstanding for my others! Solution;
A bit more thought than the others this one. Its far better to have completely painted armies. But getting that 100% completed means you have no real reason to go back to them. Once they are painted they are effectively 'done'. Instead get into the troops and the vehicles that the army needs and crack on.


Its a biggie on this list, and it kinda needs to be last. Annoyingly, it comes first as well. Since I started my Mechanicum, I have purchased Total War Warhammer, Mordheim City of the Damned, Battlefleet Gothic (Tau are fun), Horus Heresy; Drop Assault. 
And those are just the Warhammer games. So many split hobby focuses means the models will just wait your attention. As well as this there's things like houses, jobs, food, family, and all the rest. Realistically hobby is last. The above games are great diversions, but ultimately don't create anything. Instead, when you think of stopping gaming and getting painting...but please...
Just do it please.
The games are great, I love them all, but they are distractions from actually painting. They just further your love of the universe, which is great, but not conducive to good hobbying. 

This is what I've identified in the last year when it comes down to it, if you know of any more reasons, let me know!


  1. Oh man, I totally understand you! Actually, I was writing some thoughts on this topic for my blog to post tomorrow. When it comes to grab the brushes and paint, nowadays I watch batreps or random hobby videos on youtube to achieve some sort of zen status while painting. My patience is not what it used to be... I have many (too many) projects going but nearly all of them built and converted, just waiting to be fully painted. At least with the auto-restriction of only play with painted models I find some courage to paint.

    1. I have a few thoughts on how to actually improve the overall painting process and to gear that up, will stick them in the blog soon.
      I like the restriction for painted only though, thats definitely a hellavu catalyst!