Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Weekly progress; Sawing Realm of Battle boards. Sons of Horus Tactical Squad, Castellax and thralls.

This week, I've fallen in love with POWER SAWS!
A friend of mine requested some work for a project of his, whereby he was populating the inside of the tile of battle with actual scenery. Neither he nor I had the capacity to remove sections of the tile without cutting in from an edge. CUE POWER SAW. The realm of Battle board moulds are almost an inch thick in some places so heavy duty is needed. We were able to take the top off with a conventional saw, but the detail removal was important.

One laser guided precision session later with a tooled-up colleague and the interior was revealed. He'll be adding a floor, and the building roof can be moved away to reveal the interior. We even managed to save a lot of detail and sections that were removed.
Having heard the projects intent I think looks fantastic.
As well as this, it was time for some Sons of Horus troops. I've tried to logically divide the Tactical Squads in my army into a Bolter-armed Squad, and a CC weapon-armed Squad. Both should be kitted with both, but one facet of their arming would be more prominent.
Working through these was with the same process as shown here, with a slight difference to how the battle damage was applied. Instead of using a Metallic chip, with a fine damage line underneath, I'm trialling grey (Ceramite looking) chips instead. This is slightly less harsh than the black/metal combo.
  Lovely boys. Freehand is still ok, but have invested in some transfers to unify the rest of the army.
Then, on to some Castellax.
Converted these beauties a while ago and (while a tad speedily) these came out quite nicely.

Should be doing group shots soon of the army in full. 

As I have 25 Thralls and really wanted 2 squads of 20, or 4 squads of 10, I needed more! 

So with a couple of spare Thrall bodies, some Cultists and bits, this lot came about. 

Apologies for the spacing!

When these guys are painted, I should have a far more numerous force with which to soak up some more fire!

Next up, finalizing the Dark Mechanicum!

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