Friday, 16 June 2017

Dark Mechanicus Thrall-Knight

It's finished! After having this black object hovering over my Dark Mechanicum's heads every time they march to war I thought it was time to finish.
Xi-112 will hunt.
This was not as challenging a task as I'd expected.
My main challenge here was matching the large surface areas so that it's in keeping with the rest of my forces.

I'm still far more a fan of the skeletal approach that I took with this guy to keep in in line with the rest of the army, the Thallax look with the chains and stripped extremities (i.e. no shoulder pads) doesn't detract from the menace.
Other concerns were that whereas the Castellax have some nice flat armour surfaces, this guy has edges and ridges, so is a bit more complicated.
So at this stage I was a bit worried, as the lower legs looked far busier than the Castellax.
Luckily, with weathering, decals, snow etc, it all looked far more complete.
I'm a fan of the reactor 'blush', I used Druchii violet to shade it a bit more future-y

The magnetisation of the weapons I had to work on AGAIN. Magnets can always be bigger I've learned.

The battle cannon and Melta-cannon were both magnetised at three points.

The fist was also magnetised but I really doubt it will see much action.

These arms all sit on a simple hacked up gimble that isn't glued, specifically so that I can move it and repose it.

 I need to somehow sort the face plate so that it looks reaaaaaally smooth, but for now, this beastie can help the Mechanicum any way he can.

Next up, some Scenery

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