Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Sons of Horus Justaerin

Wahey, 750 points in 10+ models, now that is an easy way to rack up to 8000points!

Another big chunk of work done for the 18th Company, all with 10 guys!
Nice easy paint job here, mainly as half the work had been completed by the original Ebayer. Not bad but a poor finish is due to being drybrushed.
Main pieces of work from me were to paint over the drybrushed black/metal look with Abaddon black (fitting!). I then added a decent bit of edge highlighting to them all. the main aim was to make black work!

I've not had masses of success with painting shiny black in the past, so wanted to get a bit better reflectiveness. 
The principle I attempted was blue-black tint in raised areas, then grey, then almost white spot highlights. 

This awesome tutorial produced this beauty, which I (foolishly) hoped to emulate.
The problem was that I was impatient, and cracked on. 

Sadly, because the Ebayer had drybrushed the miniatures, the texture wasnt glossy smooth. 

Yeah, thats why it didnt look as good as it could!

With these guys I didn't add any battle damage or wear, instead as the First Company always intended, clean and serene.

Was pretty happy with the blending on the shoulders....
 And the blending on the power weapons too.
Next up will be some Seraphon to basecoat, and then onto some Thallax, Thanatar and Myrmidion!

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