Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Just Do it! The Process of Painting Pt3: A tool to help.

So, right now, think of how much you haven't painted. Lots? Uncomfortably lots? Me too.

Its a slog, it might not be for you, it shouldn't be for you. Often it just is.
One tool I use - Google Keep (all images from the web version).

What is it? A cloud based list app.
This free Android app, and web service is a great way to keep a tally on what you have outstanding.

Its just like a post-it, but accessible through your phone and kept up to date. Evernote and other equivalents are just as good but mainly, getting things listed should help massively.

Here's my list.

Here's what I do.

Have a project? A stegadon? A new load of Sons of Horus guys to paint?

Get the project listed down. Get cracking

You can see how I've tried to break things down into sections to digest things easier. The list is ordered generally by what I need to work on.

  • Start with stuff that I need to get finished.
  • Then (as you need a break for what makes you happy) I add in a few conversions and projects.
  • Then further down the list, I've added a few crazy projects that would be good for a weekend/break from the norm.
  • For each painting project that is Sons of Horus, I add another note to work my way through. You can simply copy a completed list, and then rename it. That way you remember the most efficient way to paint in bulk.

Then you simply tick the box when you'e done. 
You can move the order of  the notes to suit you.
 And if you have a need to draw you can, its all online so you can have access from anywhere.

Haven't had too much of an explore but you could categorise by army, by severity of the job and more.

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