Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Necromunda Goliath Gangers

Oh yeah, I'm sold on these boys indeed. Start of my Necromunda gang; The Dead Forge.

I really didn't want to obscure aaaaany detail on these guys at all so I made sure that I painted straight onto the bare plastic, seems to have worked fine. 
No special tricks on these guys, just spent longer than usual with a smaller brush. Blending the reds was fun, so were the large amounts of skin etc.
I really like the reds, and am quite a fan of the purples too. I wanted muted colours.

This time around I actually had to paint the feet properly, which was a novel experience!

Gaming with these boys on painted terrain was nice too, so shouldn't be far off the rest of the gang painted to.

Bring on the next batch says I!

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