Thursday, 14 December 2017

Weathering makes me moist...

Necromunda Terrain goodness!
Nothing brings a piece to life like great examples of natural elements (or unnatural elements) enhancing the paint process. If anything its also a great way to get some really weird colours added in.

So, these guys got some love. Some got rusty with Salt, some got rusty with Sponges.

Tried the salt weathering techniques for these which worked fine, but I probably washed the Salt off slightly too early.

Love this crawler.

The Necromunda scenery itself got less salt weathering, but more sponge weathering instead (time mainly)

Doors were great, for the Forge-world ones I didn't add the rusty effects to spread the colour-love. Nor did I thin the oxide effects.
First time as well using the Oxide effect for bronzes. This looks great but definitely needs some softening to make it balanced.

The barricades are just awesome unique pieces.

Then the plasma conduits. These are all awesomely detailed. Went for purple for underhive 'dank-ness'.

Finally, all together....

And with some of the next few height elements added

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