Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Weather me up - more Necromunda terrain!

Bring on the oils! You can't go wrong with some decent weathering. 

I'd had been bought a couple of kits over Christmas that I hadn't attacked properly and had been playing with solely drybrushed silver bits. 
 I wanted to make sure these got a good whack too, these containers are just awesome bits of kit.

I'd decided that I didn't want my scenery to be too monotone, so I tried to add a fair amount of colour to them all. 
I added some spot colours, some decent rust streaks, some mixed colours, even some hazard stripes.

So I went for a main set of green vats. I wanted to add a fair amount of spot colours, such as the lovely verdigris colour from GW, some colourful crates, some colourful oil spills and some rust. 

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