Thursday, 4 April 2019

Magnetised Goliath Gang

20 strongmen of fun!
So these boys were a much-needed enhancement to my Goliath gangs, in one campaign I’ve been flooded with a  bunch of Juves while my main gangs dies, in the other campaign I’m pushing 3600+ cred value, and have a hard time spending all that I bought more

These guys should massively help me however, because of magnets.
 While the rest of my gang lament their static poses and loadout, these boys have now got options. Magnetising these joints was
A) A pain
B) Not what to do if you want to Win Golden Demon
C) Totally worth it.
I magnetised a couple of Guard boys, and a couple of marines, and never found myself using anything but the best options, so the rest stayed stuck in the bag. With these boys I’m at least going to get some use out of them as I’ll probably start another campaign soon enough!

A couple of these are magnetised further at the hilt, to allow for future-proofing if GW releases more crazy options.

The magnets are strong enough so that I can squish them down into their carrying foam and their arms not ping off randomly. Meaning transportation isn’t much of an issue.

One thing that cropped up was ‘deeper reds’ as helped by a good friend of mine ‘Baul’, he suggested just to deepen the reds on the model with an extra shade. In this case my current process was 
- Base Mephiston
- Wash Agrax Earthshade, Wash Reikland Fleshshade
- Blend highlights with Trollslayer orange

Baul suggested a Druchi Violet in between the Agrax and the Reikland. So I gave it a try on a single panel (bottom right)
I must admit, I love the richness of the red, very deep and as he pointed out, very Blood Angels. That panel does look deeeeeep.

Will be remembering this colour for my Word Bearers, for the gang however it was slightly too dark, so as an exercise I’m glad I tried it but I left it as a panel option.

The only other thing I’ve yet to do is the blood spatter and damage on these guys. I’ll get round to it…honest…

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