Thursday, 13 February 2014

Building up the Sniper fodder; Characters

Whilst enjoying the excellent guard tactica on Cadia's Creed I was very much captured by the Primaris Psyker and one of the nicest ranged psychic powers in the game

Fzzap-Lightning arc!
More this,

Than this.

Basically turning this little guy into a lesser assault cannon of lightning 2d6 s6 goodness. I've pulled down light tanks with this and put enough hurt on marines to make him more than worth his cost.

As well as the baseline power he can pick Biomancy powers and make a massive blob of stock Guardsmen gain Relentless and Feel No Pain.

Time to get some conversions going. With my minimal use of the Cadian Command squad sprue I decided to cannibalise the Commander's legs and see what I could work with. 

This was the result;

Its torso is a grey knights backpack, and the majority of the remaining bits are from the Cadian sprue, green stuff used to join the necessary parts and add some clothing patches to his coat.

I particularly wanted something brutal for its weapon, so I purposefully trimmed a combat knife into one that more resembled a skinning blade. I like it. 
His other arm, I became less enamoured with after the mechadendrites had set.

Happily for my indecision, whilst I was examining some other bits on his undercarriage, I dropped him my hardwood table of solid doom. So now he's missing his mechadendrites and I have to resculpt. 

On to the others. The only other Command bod that I wanted a distinctively bespoke sculpt was the Platoon Commander

The last Commander I created;
Like the above, the Commander was a lesser version of his 'boss'. He had to look excellently Chaos-y, whilst retaining a semblance of Imperial Guard Regimentality (horrific crunch of words there).

With a limited supply of Chaos parts, I tried to emphasise the Commanders size and brutality, without overriding his obvious nature as an Officer. This is what I went with;

Firstly I extended the body by a small amount, then bulked the shoulders with added greenstuff and a chainmail cape/nape cape.The addition of the chainaxe plays off against the baton clenched under his opposite arm (the axe will be partly buried in the snow of his base once he's painted and so won't show.

The addition of some iconography and a glyph plate (pressed an icon into greenstuff) cemented his allegiances further. 

And the group shot;

I'm happy with these two, they look nice on the table and stand out as well.


  1. I like the result, even very successful! The bits are been successfully chosen.
    Family photo promises much, I love all conversions chaos cultist with Imperial Guard.

  2. Glad you like it too! I do get worried about painting these now, bespoke conversions and all that :)