Thursday, 13 February 2014

Painting Traitor Guard tanks; Sons Of Sek, Part 2

Onto the next tank, and this was a happy conversion, but not as good as it could have been.

This is my dancing tank gif. It would amuse a 5 year old. Its a happy tank because he has his hat on, and then his hat off again.

Head hurt, head hurt.

I thought this revolutionary, and space saving, and would ingeniously allow me to utilise a favourite vehicle from the Gaunts Ghosts books that inspired this force.

Remember that; ingenious, multi-use.


Its fairly safe to say that anything with converting a Chimera has already been done to death. To death! With that, and the low likelihood that I'd chose a stock Salamander over a stock Chimera it'll be a moment of self-congratulation and nothing more. Also it left me with more to paint, and because I'd glued the pieces down I couldn't Ebay an artillery weapon to slot in place.

We learn eventually.

Same process as the Hellhound. 

Remember the last plan?
  1. A single USP which would make the vehicles feel specific to me, and to the Sons. 
  2. The Sons have excellent regimental coherency, one that the vehicles should adhere to closely.
  3. Whilst appearing captured and damaged, vehicles should NOT look ramshackle and cobbled together. 
  4. Chaotic allegiances should be clearly shown.

Hopefully all of these were met, for the allegiance point, I added the large Chaos star to the rather small turret, so to cement this additionally I'll be going back and adding another to the roof when next allowed.

As the process becomes more familiar it does become easier, and the Oil weathering process is definitely here to stay.

This is the tank's rivet heavy hull before the weathering, where I used Agrax Earthshade to make rivet rust streaks, this just doesn't work as well, as without purposefully pulling the wash downwards, the streak doesn't flow, and looks far too heavy.

And after.

So in this instance, the Oil weathering made a nice difference to the impression given (despite my unnecessarily vigorous brush control).


  1. Yeah thats just really nice. Love the packed snow on treads and weathering techniques. Despite the weathering, the paint job still looks really sharp.

  2. Thanks James, glad you like it.

    Its a bit painful when waiting for the seperate layers of paint to dry when you want to see the finished article but the effect is worth it.