Monday, 17 February 2014

Dragging a flag behind a tank!

Englands low lying areas are suffering from an excess of wet. And puff. This excess has meant that by the time you read this, the lower 10% of my shoes is moist, and my coiff is likely to be off-kilter.

Another bit of inspiration that I added to my Sons due to this all weather-weather was one that clearly showed that the Sons of Sek really don't like the Guard; 


Some backstory; this came to me when discussing the dreaded 'panel gap'
Courtesey of
A friend purchased a Fellblade, and had several gaps which I suggested be covered with a greenstuff banner, draped elegantly over its flank.

That draped flag comment returned to me when I was rummaging through my bits box looking for something unique with which to decorate and eke the Chaos nature of my tank a little more. 

As I own plenty of leftover banners, and have no plans to use them anytime soon, I decided to put them to very disrespectful use on the back of one of my tanks (as my buddies in acid-yellow would).

(FYI trying to find a representative image for what I meant has been ridiculously hard, as likely reblogging it here will flag me for a world of pain! So instead, I opted for something else that would indicate when this dragging occurs in real life but in a much happier format!) 

I drilled several holes, then used some leftover florist's wire to string together three plastic banners, one from a Space Marine Tactical squad and two from the Imperial Guard Command squad sprue. Then by making the banners slightly more dishevelled and twisting them in a way to seem sensible, it resulted in this;

With a small amount of painting of the actual banner's details (something that i've yet to do with any of my armies) with some gilt and green added I was ready to stain. Some browns, some reds, some red-brown-greens. Anything that might represent just what the Sons of Sek might do to an Imperial banner that was already dragging in the mud behind a tank!

I also added a hefty amount of blood spatter and staining with varying levels of water added and colours to show the full degree of disrespect heaped on the enemy's banner.  

All that gives that nice sensation of 'We beat you, we're going to drag your name through the dirt'.

I'm happy with how this shows, as i've freed up some space in my bits box and added a nice unique touch to my eventual Armoured Company Command tank.

Flag drag; who knew!

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