Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Painting Traitor Guard Tanks; Sons of Sek Part 4

I like tanks, they're easy to paint, fun to play, very hard wearing when transporting compared to the small stuff. They are a tad pricey, but that can be justified by maybe getting one a month-if you're good, and eat all your vegetables.
6 Vegetables later
My armoured group is less a group now and more of a huddle, only six tanks strong. Still not enough to make a Epic tank charge, instead its more of a gander.

On to the painting. 2 Sons Of Sek Leman Russes and a Chimera.

With the Chimera and the Russes I a specific effort to attempt more formal decorations over their surface, so I followed Dave Taylors excellent guide for a freehand Chaos star 
here http://davetaylorminiatures.blogspot.co.uk/2010/01/mark-of-dark-gods-bonus-post.html and added s a pair, one upon the Battle Cannon Leman Russ and the other upon the Chimera.

I'd absolutely advise people to follow the guide, and at the least, mark your freehand with a pencil first, its extremely helpful.
For graffiti tastic-tanks again I went overboard;

  My personal favourite however is on the front of the Chimera;

And the rest;

This Vanquisher is likely to be my Command tank should I get enough vehicles for an armoured group. At the moment it stands as an Allied force coupled with Marines, which is fine but an all-Guard group is the plan.

I particularly like the small icicles on the random feed upon the turret, and the flayed flesh adorning its 'blood bin' at the rear (another cover-up for panel gap).

Then the standard Leman Russ, which I've unfortunately not attached its sponsons correctly in the photos, as they are only Blu-tac held for the moment.

I had plenty of leftover Guard heads so I stuck a few on spikes to help solidify their cause too!

Onto the Chimera, an older model without interchangeable parts unfortunately, no type-swapping for me.

Happy with this lot, though as always my freehand could use a little more patience. I might also purchase some water effects resin/gel stuff and have a play around with that too.

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