Monday, 2 February 2015

Forgeworld Ogryn Charonites; interpretations

So this latest image from Forgeworld I'm going to say is an Horus Heresy Ogryn Charonite. 

So for anyone that doesn't know, the Horus Heresy; Conquest book basically has Marine-murdering Ogryn Servitors as an available Elites choice for the Solar Auxillia. 

They looked awesome, and as I needed a project for my fantasy Ogres that was multi-purpose (i.e. could be both an Ogryn for Astra Militarum, a Ogryn with dags for Traitor Guard, or a Charonite for Solar Auxilia) I started to convert some. Obviously they would be traitors, whether Guard, Mechanicus, or actually traitor so would be fairly gribbly.

And then this dropped into my inbox. Look at the scale of it! The studded steampunk armour format that is very much Solar Auxillia!

And that Fist. Mmmm.

This does put me in a bind. As this is so very different to the first few Ogres that I've converted so far.
Firstly, Armour. Of course you need more armour Mark, you'll be fighting Space Marines and Primarchs! Tear and grab and rip!
Secondly, Ranged weapons. Contentious for me as seeing this beauty I'll probably be using these guys (now) as Myrmidons as the true Charonites look gorgeous! But the next few Ogryns I churn out need to be close combat only. No sticking a cannon on their arms. 
Thirdly, there is no way that a piddly little knife is going to cut it (boom boom) compared to that beasts paws. Look at them!
I'm now going to have to go and sculpt some fricking Clawtastic hands. 

As this birdlike appendage... 
Just isn't up to par. Back to work then.

These three guys were going to have various armour bits glued onto them (as they look un-armoured anyway), tidy up their stitched trousers

Speaking of the Ogryns they were a bitch to saw as they were solid plastic and I could not find a single reference to a CHARGING OGRE (link for those people that are looking themselves) i.e. at pace, anywhere. It seems most people expected the Fantasy ogres to remain pretty static, 

Well not me, these guys are going to move. And considering the size of the bits box someone brought into the gaming club for a rummage I've now got some awesome bits to play with.
So for now, I'll see what comes from the Horus Heresy weekender, but I'm definitely going to make mine a little more dynamic and armoured than I'd intended previously.

Always more tubing, always.

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