Thursday, 5 February 2015

I take it all back! Ogryn Charonite Shminterpretations.

Yeah...I'm going to pass on these guys I think.
Only the guy on the right looks even slightly like a Marine-murdering Ogryn Servitor, the others look a little too slow and lumbering to have any chance of catching a Space Marine.

They're supposed to be charging, Charging!

Also, the giant scissors don't look as good as the spinny-murderfists. Pretty much everything else from upcoming Heresy Weekender though looks amazing. Bring on the Solar Auxillia Command squads.


  1. i see no indication they are meant to be charging? if anything one looks like hes raining heavy blows and the others are just reading to attack.

  2. He can't charge, he'd be running with scissors if he did, and he was told specifically not to.