Monday, 17 August 2015

Painting Operation Icestorm Nomads

Sometimes you have to make some time for the squishy ones that supply you with food and companionship (in that order of priority). 
I co-bought Operation Icestorm with a friend of mine and have played it more with my awesome wife than him. The git (*waves*). Whilst wife and I have been playing 10+ games we did so with unpainted, unglued figures without arms, to get the hang of it. 

My contribution to family togetherness was getting these Infinity figures painted and ready to use in game. Because of wuv. Duh.

So to painting. Undercoated with Chaos black after sticking them down on a box to spray. Need to stop doing this as it means that the black spray comes from an elevated position and so doesn’t catch everything that the eye does..

The intent was to make them fairly moody black and red figures, similar to the last one. However in the process I remembered that Infinity is about colour and vibrancy (alongside machine-gun death of course) and so added a bit of a wider palette to them all.

The Adaddon black was mixed with blue to give a dark-blue first layer, a little like leather.  
On the figures with predominantly black gear this was sparingly done from a zenithal angle, with some blending (though not much). Then some light highlights on the tops of the detail. 

The Mephiston Red was washed with Agrax and then highlighted with a 75/25 and then 50/50 mix with Averland Sunset to bring out the colour. Love this effect on this guy, rainbow style for the win!.

The rest of all of the figures were sparingly painted with detail, as I wanted the blue/black and the red/orange colours to really define what you saw when you looked at the mini.

On the metallics for the Aguaciles i mixed blue with the Leadbelcher for a more alien/futuristic effect.  

Faces, god-damn faces. Sometimes I can do them justice. On this scale, I’m fairly sure they are my Achilles heel. This, and this? HOW SMALL DO YOU HAVE TO BE! I thought I had good brushes but Infinity will put your stuff to shame. I have a magnifying headset thing but still struggled to even do a simple dot dot eye thing.

The Reverend Healer bore the brunt of this. One failed line too many and I was about to dunk her in Powerspray and start again as the paint layers were getting thicker and thicker. I went one further.

You’re a healer? Where is your mask then? GREENSTUFF THIS!

Don’t mess with me when your eyeliner is messing my day up missy. As this was one of the figures that my wife wanted to use she asked for some cleavage, instead I opted for some lace-overspill on her bodice which was a little easier to do.

Then (somewhat lazily compared to the time spent on the models themselves), some simple bases with some washes, some detail, some scuffs, scratches and some rust effects to get them finished. I may be able to go back to get some more sci-fi posters etc.

Overall, these came out well enough (apart from bowling ball face) and am looking forwards to using them in-game.

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  1. Wow these came out great Mark. One day I might actually paint some infinity day.