Friday, 14 August 2015

State of the Desk: mostly Dark Mechanicus

New toys! Dark Mechanicum 3 full squads completed.

As I’m used to Guard this was a nice change of pace to get 600 odd points painted relatively quickly.
5 coats of varnish on the heads for gloss (I just used Tamiyas stock gloss) 
Some heat warping across the Barrels, and some simple weathering too. 
Because I’m a sadist I also chose some hand painted blue OSL for the jets. 

For all of them! Ouch!

I played a couple of games of Heresy with the Ogryn ‘counts as’ Myrmidion Destructors, loaded with Photon-thrusters. These guys have been reported to be underwhelming but I found them really useful at range, blinding squads prior to assaults. Their power fists can be a nice shock to assaulters picking on a ‘poor defenceless ranged unit’ and their t5 and 3+/5++ keeps them around for a while as well.

They even managed to chip a couple of wounds off a Primarch, which lined him up nicely to get slammed in assault. He barely noticed. CURSE YOU ROBOUTE GUILLIMAN!

The only instance where I shouldn’t have brought these guys was to a Mortalis fight with the same ranged load-out. 

I’m still de-magnetising those unused and magnetising the soon-to-be-used troops that would benefit from having swappable weapons, rather quickly and dirtily to be honest. There’s a little stack on my desk that I will be using.

These heavy weapons bases are now completely painted, and because I’ve accidentally raised the clasping gorgets over their faces a little too much between 6 guys there are around 5 visible eyeballs total.
I’ve spent more time on these guys exposed flesh than their eyes so I might need to go back and tidy them slightly. 

Next up, Infinity.

More to follow!


  1. Looking great Mark! Those jets look about time consuming if you did that all by hand!

    1. An hour at least that must have taken, so not too bad with some Netflix in the background!

  2. I really like the ogre conversion you have done. Very imaginative and creepy!

    1. Why thanks! I want more of these guys as I have an abundance of bits to use with them.